Backwoods Whole Hog Model


Our biggest cooker, the Whole Hog’s external dimensions are 34″ x 70″ x 66″.   It has a cooking surface of 56 Square Feet!

The unit weighs 1200 LBS, and has two racks inside of it, one of which is a carousel rack.   The racks are 27″ x 53″.   The unit can hold 575 pounds of Boston Butt, as well as brisket.   The unit is geared to cook whole hog’s for competition and catering.   This is a serious cooker!

The standard Whole Hog comes with stainless doors and latches, as well as the new low profile smoke stacks.   A butterfly valve with special open/close mechanism is standard on this Backwoods model.

Call to order this product. 1-855-380-6185.