Backwoods Chubby


As our smallest and most portable Backwoods Cooker, the Chubby also serves as one of our most versatile offerings in our cooker lineup.   The Backwoods Smoker Chubby can easily be converted into a grill or a BBQ pit by simply removing the stainless water pan.

Standard Features:

  • Removable water pan
  • Black doors with slam latches
  • 1 extra slider for rack height adjustment
  • Pre-drilled Caster bolt hole pattern on bottom of the 3 inch feet
  • 1/8″ nickel plated racks
  • Cooking degrees:(approx) 180 to 300
  • Amount of charcoal: (approx) 6 to 10 lb
  • Cooking time:(approx) 6 to 10 hours
    {Depending on the temperature used for cooking}
  • Meat: (approx)
    8 slabs of baby back ribs
    2 to 3 briskets
    2 to 4 Boston butts

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