Massacred according to their identity cards

Massacred according to their identity cards

Witnesses said gunmen drove into the Jihad area in four cars at about 10am and began stopping vehicles. Those with identification cards indicating Sunni names were killed, they said.

Shiite militiamen wearing masks and black uniforms also walked around the neighbourhood, abducting Sunnis off the street. Their bodies were later dumped throughout the area. “Gunmen are killing Sunni civilians according to their ID cards,” an interior ministry official said.

Wissam al Ani, scannable ids a 27 year old Sunni calligrapher, said three gunmen stopped him as he was walking towards the bus and asked him to show them his identification. They let him go after he produced a fake ID with a Shiite name but seized two young men standing nearby.

The Shiite owner of a supermarket said he saw heavily armed men pull four people out of a car, blindfold them and force them to stand to the side while they grabbed five others out of a minivan. “After ten minutes, the gunmen took the nine people to a place few yards away from the market and opened fire on them,” Saad Jawad Kadhim al Azzawi said. “When I heard the gunfire, Fake IDs I closed my supermarket and went home.”

Salam al Zubaie, a Sunni and the deputy prime minister, blamed security forces, widely believed to have been infiltrated by Shiite militias, for failing to maintain order.

The Shiite led government has vowed to crack down on Shiite militias, and Iraqi troops backed by US jets raided the stronghold of Sadr City on Friday, killing and wounding dozens of people. Fake IDs