ALBANY, March 29

Governor Cuomo signed into law last week a measure banning the sale or production of counterfeit identification cards, used primarily by underage liquor buyers.

Assemblyman Arthur J. Kremer, a Long Island Democrat who is a chief sponsor of the bill, said the measure was aimed at sales of fake identification cards, including false Social Security cards and college indentification cards.

The measure, which took effect immediately, allows merchants to continue to sell such false documents only if they are clearly marked ”novelty.” Cameras in Courtrooms

In other action, the Assembly passed legislation allowing photographers to cover court proceedings on an experimental basis.

The measure, if passed by the Senate, would take effect in December. The experiment would take place in 5 to 10 counties chosen by the state’s Chief Judge and would conclude in June 1989.

The bill would allow two still and two television cameras in any court proceedings open to the public if the presiding judge agreed. Photographers would be prohibited from filming jurors. buy fake ids

The Assembly passed the bill Monday by a vote of 88 to 57 and sent it to the Senate, where it is being sponsored by John R. Dunne, a Nassau County Republican.

A spokesman for the Republican Senate majority, Charles Dumas, said the bill had a good chance of passage.

Warren M. Anderson, the Senate majority leader, has supported similar bills in the past, Mr. Dumas said.

The Governor is ”favorable to the concept” as part of a package of court legislation he hopes will pass this year, said Gary Fryer, a spokesman. Passover and School Calendars

With Passover falling nearly a month after Easter this year, the United Federation of Teachers and several legislators are seeking a measure allowing schools to close, without losing state aid, Good Fake IDs on the first two days of the Jewish holiday, April 24 and 25.

The bill would apply only to this year and would offer schools the option of closing on those days, said Eugene Levy, a Rockland County Republican and the bill’s chief sponsor in the Senate.

”Schools shouldn’t be penalized if kids take those days off,” he said. Under the bill, schools could still receive state aid for a 180 day school year, even though there would be only 178 days of school with Passover off.

The bill is being sponsored in the Assembly by Eliot L. Engel, a Bronx Democrat, but a spokesman for the Democratic majority, David Langdon, said the bill’s outlook in the Assembly was uncertain.

Mr. Fryer said the Governor would wait to see the bill before taking a position. Key lawmakers in the Senate said passage there was in doubt. buy fake ids They said they considered the matter a local issue.