ID cards likely for teens at pools

ID cards likely for teens at pools

SCHENECTADY Teenagers will likely have to produce photo identification to enter all of the city’s four municipal pools this summer, an effort to cut down on vandalism and troublemakers hopping from pool to pool.

Schenectady County Youth Bureau director made a short presentation to City Council at its committee meeting Monday night with the proposal, which would require all children over the age of 14 to produce a school ID, driver’s license or state ID card in order to swim at the Front Street, Hillhurst, Quackenbush or Central Park pools.

The practice has been in place at Quackenbush pool since 2004 when the took over operation of the facility and had to call police regularly for disturbances, Kosiur said. At Quackenbush, which is next to , all children have to have an identification card, which for many youths is typically the Operation Safe Child cards that are issued free through local law enforcement agencies.

But Kosiur said it would be too onerous to require every child in Schenectady to have identification, Fake IDs hence the requirement that only children over 14 would have to provide identification at the other three pools. All children attending city middle schools and the high school already get photo ID cards.

The county youth bureau is proposing the requirement because it is running a summer recreation program at Hillhurst pool, and there were problems at Hillhurst last year with teenagers throwing trash into the pool and spray painting surfaces at the facility off Campbell Avenue. Offending youths were banned from the facility, but there was nothing barring them from attending the other three pools.

Kosiur said under the new system, pool organizers would know the names of the teens banned at one pool, and they would subsequently be barred from swimming at the other facilities too.

“This is for the safety of our swimmers and the neighborhoods,” Kosiur said after the meeting.

The city does not require that someone be a Schenectady resident to use the pools, and that will not change. Adults will also still be able to sign in without providing identification and children under 10 must be accompanied by an adult. Good Fake IDs A person other than a lifeguard would be posted at each pool to ensure teenagers adhere to the new rule.

City Council does not have to vote on the change, which can be made just by changing parks and recreation’s written policy. Kosiur made the same presentation to the county legislature Monday night. The pools open around the end of June.

In other news, council members voted to complete an eminent domain proceeding to take five vacant lots off Barrett Street in the hopes that a developer will build an apartment building there. The nephew of one of the landowners, , has protested the move for more than a year, shouting out “Discrimination at its best!,” before storming out of the meeting Monday night.

Corporation has said that Bianchi has no claim to the property, scannable ids which is still owned by his deceased uncle, and that any proceeds from the sale will go toward bankruptcy proceedings involving the family.