Why The Fast Eddy’s FEC120 Commercial Smoker Oven is So Good

Why The Fast Eddy’s FEC120 Commercial Smoker Oven is So Good

Designed specifically for restaurants, caterers and other food-service operations, the FEC120 combines the features of the Grand Championship winning FEC100 with the offset firebox and convection fan of the Fast Eddy’s by Cookshack rotisserie units.

With a potential capacity of 150 lbs, Fast Eddy’s FEC120 smoke-cooks the full range of pit barbecue foods to smoky perfection.

Built in the USA, Fast Eddy’s FEC120 barbecue pit will work 24 hours a day turning out excellent succulent low-and-slow wood-smoked foods. It is inexpensive to run and easy-to-use.

With a fast start up, continuous even heat, and precise temperature control this hardwood pellet smoker will give you consistently delicious hot-smoked products and succulent pit barbecue. Unlike with log-burners, there is no gas flavour aftertaste to overcome.

The cooking heat in FEC120 commercial smoker oven is provided by food-safe hardwood barbecue pellets fed by a digitally-controlled auger mechanism from a storage hopper into an offest firepot website. Smoke vents from the top of the machine.

A convection fan housed on top of the smoker distributes heat and smoke evenly through the oven..

Installation is a snap. Simply place FEC120 under an appropriate commercial exhaust fan, plug it in, and off you go!

Low Running Costs

Double-walled stainless steel construction with 454°C Spin-Glas® insulation, provides superior heat retention and reduces electrical consumption. It’s design allows sufficient air-flow to enable smoke flavour penetration, without constantly reheating cool air or losing moisture.

The FEC120 does NOT use gas, which means greater yields and better flavour.

The FEC120 pays back quickly!

Digital Control, Programmable, Cook-and-Hold

Cookshack’s IQ5 electronic time/temperature control system includes programmable, customisable cooking presets, alarm cycle, 16-character LCD display, and USB port for downloading up to 512 hours of cook time onto a FAT formatted USB drive. It features 3-stage, 2-stage, and meat probe cooking options.
Even with all these features the controller is easy for any kitchen employee to use, making it a Management dream!