Fast Eddy FEC120 – Great Pellet Commercial Smoker Oven

The Fast Eddy’s by Cookshack FEC120 smoker is a 100% wood pellet smoker with the Cookshack IQ5
electronic control system. The FEC120 features an offset firebox and a convection fan to circulate smoke
and heat for steady temperatures throughout the unit. It is the perfect choice for operations who cook
moderate amounts of smoked foods or barbecue.



Cooking Capacity 150 lbs. pork butts, 120 lbs. brisket, 90 lbs. ribs, or 30 chickens per load
Shelves/Grills (5) 23×17″ Nickel Plated Grills
Cooking Area 1,955 sq. in. or 13.5 sq. ft.
Temperature Range 160-400°F
Shipping Weight 515 lbs.
Included Equipment 5 grills, side racks, drip pan, pre-installed casters, operator’s manual, cookbook, 40 lbs. pellets and Cookshack Spice Kit.
Pellet Usage 1 lb. of pellets per hour at 250°F
Construction and Insulation Double walled stainless steel intererior and exterior surrounding 850°F Spin-Glas Insulation keeping outside of the smoker cool to the touch.