Frequently Asked Questions

Who does not love getting together with friends and family to enjoy a delicious dinner complete with great conversation and good times? That is exactly what you get when you choose Cookshack. We are a family that has been in the making for more than 50 years. Our goal is to help you make enjoyable smoked foods with as little effort as possible.

The amount of wood will vary based on your personal taste, however, we recomment only putting 2 oz. of wood when cooking up to 60 lbs. of meat. Adding too much wood, or adding more wood halfway through the cooking cycle, can cause your food to taste bitter. Each electric smoker comes with a box of wood. One of those chunks is all you should need for an all day smoke.

Like most questions about barbecue, the answer depends on whom you ask. In general, hickory is a nationwide favorite. Mesquite has some regional popularity, as does alder, oak, and pecan. If you stick to fruit or nut hardwoods, you will always get good flavor.

Use only 100% food grade wood pellets in order to keep your warranty in tact. We offer mesquite, hickory, oak and fruitwood pellets in 20 lb. bags. You can use you favorite brand in many other flavors (We also recommend BBQ’rs Delight pellets). Do not use pellets designed for furnaces. Keep pellets dry so they do not swell and clog the auger.

Gas and charcoal are great for grilling, where there is plenty of air circulation. They are not ideal for cooking in an enclosed environment such as a smoker. Stick to honest-to-goodness real wood chunks or pellets for best results and flavor. Plus, as all true pitmasters know, wood smoke always tastes better than charcoal or propane!

We are a company dedicated to spreading the love of genuine pit barbecue and wood smoked foods. A leader in the market for more than 50 years, Cookshack’s state-of-the-art ovens are distributed worldwide to people on all walks of life, from backyard cooks to restaurants, caterers, supermarkets, convenience stores and meat markets.t.

We recommend using your smoker in your garage or outside on a driveway or patio. Even though the smoke is aromatic and delightful outside, it’s not so great permeating your drapes. They are great for installing in an outdoor kitchen.

Cookshack smokers are solidly crafted in Ponca City, Okla.! Cookshack chooses not to go to a foreign manufacturer for any of our products so we can control materials and quality. We want to give you a well-made smoker all while supporting the US economy.

Yes! You can smoke low and slow on the indirect side of your pellet grill all night long; however, your fire could blow out from the wind.