Great Canadian BBQ

What Is A PZ400?

Cookshack, Inc., introduced its first wood-burning, pellet-fired pizza oven. With significant advances in convenience, consistency and temperature control, the new Cookshack PZ400 can change the face of artisan pizza. A handcrafted pizza cooked over real wood and smoke can be cooked in just 3 minutes without having to turn the pizza or manage a fire. Temperatures on the pizza oven range from 170-900°F meaning this oven isn’t limited to pizza alone. Pellets made from real wood give authentic flavor to calzones, quesadillas, [...]


Great Canadian BBQ – New Webiste

Welcome to our new site. As you can see already, the site has gotten a face lift.  We hope you enjoy the new look and feel of the website and we will just take some time to give you the reasons we update our site. As we all know technology is changing so rapidly, so we had to change with the times.  Looking at our stats it shows that a lot of our website visitors are on their mobile devices [...]