2 arrested in fake identity scam

2 arrested in fake identity scam

“There’s very little difference,” Chatham Savannah Counter Narcotics Team Commander Roy Harris said Thursday afternoon. “They were very well made, top quality IDs that would fool most people.”

During Wednesday’s bust, at 6520 Ga. 21, lot No. 42, CNT agents and officers from the federal Immigration and Customs Enforcement service confiscated a cache of paraphernalia computers, printers, laminating machines and boxes packed with utensils, shredders, filltrustid.com IDs and printed photos.

Officers also confiscated about $920 in cash, $220 of which had come from undercover agents, according to CNT.

Harris said that for “several weeks now,” undercover agents, who had been tipped off during a concurrent narcotics investigation, had purchased Social Security and permanent resident cards at $200 a set.

“I’ve been here a year and a half, and it’s the first time I’ve run across it,” Harris said. “But it’s very dangerous, because employers will look at these cards and will not realize. filltrustid They’re so well made, you cannot tell they’re fraudulent cards most police officers probably couldn’t tell.”

Along with the federal agency, CNT worked with the Port Wentworth and Savannah Chatham police departments.

The brothers were taken to the Chatham County jail on felony charges of first degree forgery, conspiracy to commit a crime and manufacturing, distribution and sale of false identification cards.

Legal immigrants “spend a lot of money and go through a lot of process to get a permanent resident alien card,” Harris said. “Here, someone comes along with $200, gets the same thing and does nothing.”