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SmartSmokers SM260 Digital Electronic Electric Smoker Oven - ETL Listed (USA and Canada), NSF and USDA approved
Electronic Commercial Smoker Oven
All Stainless Steel construction
250 LB. Capacity!

Cookshack SM250 Electronic Smoker Oven

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Cookshack Digital Cook & Hold Wood Smoker
Model# SM260

- Price: $9995.00

Order with your new SM260 Commercial Smoker

- Rib Racks Set Of (4): $589.95
- Cold Smoke Kit: $179.95
- Seafood Grills Set Of (6): $969.95
- Meat Probe: $189.95
- Jerky Rods Set of (24): $149.95

Available Smokehouse Exhaust Hood and Grease Trap.
The Smokehood is a good solution for small kitchens, or kitchens with inadequate space in the line.

- SM260 Smokehood: $1299.95

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The SMARTSMOKER 260 Oven is solidly built in the USA of all Stainless Steel construction. The 1000F insulation surrounding the sides and top keeps it safe and cool on the outside. Clean up is a snap. Grills and racks go straight into the dishwasher. Drippings exit the smoker at the bottom into a stainless steel drip pan which can be washed and reused.

Heat is supplied by dual thermostatically controlled 1500 watt heating elements. Temperature range is 125 degrees F to 300 degrees F. Oven can be used to hold product. Heating element operates only if door is completely closed.

Cookshack's Model SM260 SmartSmoker oven smoke-cooks a wide variety of products, from pit barbecue to lox-style salmon. It features Cookshack's exclusive IQ5 electronic time and temperature controller, with easy-to-use presets, USB data port, meat probe option, and hold cycle. Good size for medium volume barbecue establishments. Built to run 24 hours a day for maximum profitability. The SM260 is made in the USA. It is approved by the National Sanitation Foundation (NSF), the United States Department of Agriculture (USDA), and is ETL listed (in USA and Canada).


  • Model SM260: has all Stainless Steel top, sides and interior
  • Capacity: Per load - 100lb. ribs, 200lbs. Brisket, 250lb. Pork Butts, 40 Chickens, 24 lb. Jerky.
  • Electrical: 2 - 1500 watt heating elements, 15 amps, 240v, single phase current; 240v export models
  • Shelves: 6 - 24"x24" (61 x 61 cm) grills, 5" (12.7 cm) apart
  • Outside Dimensions: 26.5" x 33" x 63" high (67cm X 84cm X 160cm)
  • Shipping Weight: 375 lbs. shipped via common carrier
Cookshack Smokers are designed for inside use, with exterior (outside) ventilation for smoke. Place under either a hood, or near an outside exhaust fan.
Available Custom SMARTSMOKER Hood

Drippings exit through a drain in the bottom of the smoker, into a drip pan for clean and safe operation. *Inner accessories remove for easy cleaning. *Safe slide out wood box. Note: 1-2 oz. for every 60 lbs. of product Series 260 smoker ovens are perfect for medium volume foodservice operations. Our most popular model! This workhorse usually pays for itself in a few months. SM260 makes authentic pit barbecue easy!

6 Grills, Side Racks, Drip Pan, Wood Box, Wood Box Handle, Pre-installed Casters, Operator's Manual, Cookshack Cookbook, Spare Heating Element, Spice Kit and 10 lbs. Wood

Consider some of these optional accessories for your new Commercial Smoker.

Optional Meat Probe
Allows you to cook to a preset internal temperature of a product, giving you unparalleled quality control.

Protective Cover
Cookshack's heavy duty covers protect your smoker from dust and moisture. Covers are composed of a laminated pvc backing over a fade resistant, solution dyed, 600 denier woven polyester fabric. Covers are crack resistant to -20F

Rib Racks
Load the slabs in the RibRacks and slide them right into your smoker's side racks. Slabs are easier and quicker to handle when loaded in RibRacks. Pick up two sets of RibRacks and have one ready to go in the smoker as one comes out -- double your turnaround time!

Seafood Grill
Have you ever had your perfectly cooked fish fall through the grill on your smoker? Seafood Grills will put a stop to that! Perfect for smoking small or delicate items like fish, shellfish, or vegetables. Slide the Seafood Grills into the side slots in your smoker. Tip: Place chunks of tomato, zucchini, eggplant, onion, and garlic on a Seafood Grill. Smoke-cook at 225F for 90 minutes. Use to flavor soups, sauces, salsa, ratatouille, and more.

Cold Smoke Kit
Cold-smoking is the art of smoking food at such low temperatures that the food smokes, but does not cook. Although Cookshack smokers are hot-smokers, this baffle allows you to adapt your smoker for cold-smoking. Cold-smoke salmon for lox, duck breasts, steaks to finish on the grill, vegetables and more.

The Smokehood is constructed of polished heavy stainless steel. It is mounted directly on the top of the SM160 and removes smoke vented during the smoke-cooking process. Smoke is directed through a 4" diameter outlet, which can be vented directly outside or under a commercial hood. It features a removable grease filter and exhause fan. The Smokehood is a good solution for small kitchens, or kitchens with inadequate space in the line. Note: The Cookshack Smokehood will not exhaust all of the smoke vented while unloading the smoker. A small amount of excess is to be expected.
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