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Cookshack Charbroiler 100% Wood Pellet Charbroil BBQ Grill - NSF ETL Listed
Cookshack Charbroiler 100% Wood Pellet Charbroil BBQ Grill
All Stainless Steel Housing
Available in 24" - 36" - 48" Models

Ships With 80lbs. 100% Hickory Wood Pellets
Cookshack Pellet Charbroiler
36" Model Charbroiler Shown

Affordable Leasing is Available!
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Finally! A Charbroiler with the temperature Consistency of Gas, without using Gas! With the Flavor of Real Wood Smoke.

Cookshack’s thermostatically- controlled pellet-fired charbroiler gives the cook the tremendous advantages of both gas and wood charbroilers while completely eliminating the problems of lack of flavor, heat inconsistency, fuel storage, and ash disposal.

Fueled by 100% food grade wood pellets and requiring only a small amount of electricity to operate its pellet cooking system, the Cookshack Charbroiler replaces traditional gas or wood charbroilers.

Gas charbroilers give consistent results, but the product lacks flavor. Wood grills, on the other hand, add plenty of flavor, but they are difficult, if not dangerous, to operate. For the first time, the professional cook can grill meats over 100% wood heat and smoke with consistent results and the sought-after, well-loved smoky flavor.

Pellet cooking system gives consistently delicious results.

The Cookshack Charbroiler’s thermostatically-controlled pellet-cooking system keeps the charbroiler cooking at a consistent temperature while creating that wonderful wood - grilled flavor that people love.

The system is fueled by 100% food grade wood pellets, introduced into its firepot by an auger which requires only a small amount of electricity to operate.
This system has been field tested and proven to work over years of use in Cookshack's big pellet smokers.

Note: Please ignore the contact info at the end of the video.

This video was provided to illustrate the great grilling possibilities with Cookshack 100% Wood Pellet Charbroilers!

Please call our office at 1 855 380-6185 for more info, or to order by phone.

Ships With 80lbs. Hickory Wood Pellets

36" BBQ Grill Wood Pellet Charbroiler

Price: $6695.00

Charbroiler 36" Stainless Steel Hood: $749.00

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Product Specifications Wood Charbroiler 36"
Dimensions 38.5"W x 34.5"D x 36"T
(48" with optional Lid)
Controllers and Firepots 2 Digital controllers/3 firepots)
Variable Temperature Settings High 650F Medium 450F
Low 250F
Cooking Capacity 12 oz Ribeye: 24 pcs., 11 oz NY Strip: 24 pcs., 8 oz Filet: 31 pcs., 8 oz Chicken Breast: 30 pcs., 4 oz Hamburger: 30 pcs.
Cooking Area 36x20" = 720 sq in
Cooking Surface Heavy duty cast iron grates
Fuel Source 100% food grade wood pellets
Electrical (required to operate pellet system auger and igniter) 36" 120v, 4 amps
Cabinet Materials Stainless steel
Insulation 850F Spinglass
Shipping Weight 36" 225lbs.
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